Active Shooter Training Held in Fishersville

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ALICE active shooter training in Fishersville ALICE active shooter training in Fishersville

People in the Shenandoah Valley took part in a timely training session to prepare for an active shooter situation Thursday. Close to 50 men and women filled the basement of the Church on the Hill in Fishersville for ALICE training. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. 

ALICE Training Institute trainer Chad Cunningham says the best way to stay safe is situational awareness, having a plan with options, and practicing that plan. 

"When you're looking at information that's coming in that the attacker might be very close, well we need to increase maybe a lockdown by barricading," he said. "If we know that the attacker is far away, we have distance and time, we look at the evacuation piece."

The program incorporates natural human responses and Cunningham says one-size-fits-all strategy is not enough. 

"Sixty percent of the time these events are over before law enforcement can even get there, so what is our plan ahead of time?” He said. “We need to have a plan that gives option-based strategies.  We need to practice a plan and know how to implement it."

After this class and an e-learning course the participants will be ALICE certified instructors. They can then take the information back to the schools, churches and businesses in their communities so they can have a plan in case of an active shooter situation.

To learn more and download the e-learning course, visit www.alicetraining.com.

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