DBAC in Charlottesville Hosts Vault Virginia Developer

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Charlottesville's Downtown Business Association is learning more about a new addition for the Downtown Mall. 

The group hosted James Barton, who is developing part of the former Bank of America building.

The space will now host "Vault Virginia" and will offer 50 offices on the second and third floors.

Barton gave the association an update on the project's progress.

Members say the space will allow the business community to come together.

"This year has been a very busy year for DBAC (Downtown Business Association Council). We've been involved in a lot of projects. We've been successful with several of them and there's really a new found energy since this summer of realizing how much we need each other, how much we need to work together, said Joan Fenton with the DBAC. 

The first floor of the building is being developed by another person and is slated to be a restaurant.

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