Proposed Charlottesville Budget for FY 2019 Over $179 Million

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Maurice Jones Maurice Jones
Members of Charlottesville City Council discus funding for FY 2019 budget (FILE) Members of Charlottesville City Council discus funding for FY 2019 budget (FILE)

Charlottesville is out with its proposed budget for fiscal year 2019, and totals close to $180 million.

City revenue took a hit last summer, but it's beginning to bounce back. The general budget fund amounts to $179,342,119, a 4.48 percent increase over fiscal year 2018. 

Members of City Council sat down with City Manager Maurice Jones at their annual retreat back in January to prepare the budget and discuss allocating new funding for some high profile areas. When planning, they all identified some areas they want to improve in the city.

They gave record funding to Charlottesville City Schools, providing roughly $2.7 million for operations.

Another priority is affordable housing, both creating more units and preserving the ones Charlottesville already has: "The city is providing, in the new budget, $3.4 million to address affordable housing in the city, and that's to work to create more affordable housing units in the city and to also preserve affordable housing units in the city," Jones said.

After this past summer, safety and security on the Downtown Mall is something Jones says will have improvements, including more lit streets and money set aside for EMS vehicles.

"Looking at what can we do to help ensure that the mall is a safer place from a policing stand point and also from an infrastructure standpoint are there things that we can do to make it safer and protect pedestrians and anyone who comes down to enjoy the Downtown Mall," said the city manager.

Some other highlights in the budget are funding for workforce and economic development, and race and equity.

The city says although 2017 was a difficult and challenging year, economic indicators point to a 9-percent growth in jobs in the past decade, and retail vacancy in continuing to drop.

Jones is expected to formally present the budget to City Council on March 5, which will be followed by a series of work sessions ahead of final approval in April.