Trial for Former Charlottesville Police Officer Set to Begin March 5

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Last minute details are getting ironed out in preparation for a former Charlottesville police officer's trial that’s set to begin the first week of March.

Christopher Seymore is facing two counts of forcible sodomy. Ronna Gary, the alleged victim, says he forced her to perform sex acts while he was on duty. She testified on April 13, 2017, that Seymore forced her to perform sex acts two separate times on November 18, 2016.

Both sides appeared in court on Wednesday, February 28, to focus on evidence that can or cannot be included at trial. Potential testimony that may be brought out during cross examination was sealed on Wednesday, and previous hearings dealing with evidence were closed to the public in part because of the state's rape shield law. However, some of these things may be brought to light at trial.

Seymore was arrested and fired from the police department after Gary filed a complaint. The commonwealth’s attorney's office says it will select a jury from a pool of approximately 80 people.

The trial was delayed back in December due to a sick witness. Now, it's set to begin on Monday, March 5.