Charlottesville City Manager Releases Proposed 2019 Fiscal Year Budget

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Maurice Jones, Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones, Charlottesville City Manager

Charlottesville city manager, Maurice Jones, released the proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 February 26. 

The general budget fund amounts to $179,342,119, a 4.48% increase over fiscal year 2018. 

Jones introduces the budget by writing, “2017 was a difficult and challenging year for our city. As this community continues to recover from the events of last summer we must prepare for the future which, despite the problems we face, remains bright.” 

Additionally, he says the 2019 budget aims to initiate new programs which will help the city recover from the events of 2017.  

The spending plan keeps the city's real estate tax at a rate of 95 cents per $100 and contains spending plans in strategic areas like affordable housing and safety initiatives.

The full proposed budget is now available on the city's website.

Jones is expected to formally present the budget to city council on March 5, which will be followed by a series of work sessions ahead of final approval in April.