City and Schools Unite to Promote Safety at Schools

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Harrisonburg is reminding its community of the importance of safety throughout the school system. Harrisonburg is reminding its community of the importance of safety throughout the school system.

Press Release: Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Harrisonburg, Va. – The city of Harrisonburg and Harrisonburg City Public Schools are coming together to remind the community of the resources available and the importance of maintaining safety throughout our school system.

“With our youth witnessing so much violence through a variety of media outlets and hearing it from their peers, we want to remind them that schools are a safe place for all to learn and grow,” explained Dr. Scott Kizner, superintendent of Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

There are numerous resources available to students experiencing stress or anxiety through their school and community. Students who see their peers going through a difficult time are encouraged to speak up.

“We ask parents to have conversations with your children about what they are seeing and hearing,” explained Harrisonburg Mayor Deanna Reed. “Remind your students of the importance of reporting inappropriate or threatening behavior.”

Youth play a critical role in the success and health of our communities. All community leaders want to see our youth thrive. There are leaders and mentors throughout the city who also serve as resources and volunteers to help those in need of assistance.

Members of the Harrisonburg Police Department work closely with the public schools to ensure they have an active presence in all schools. Early prevention and awareness is key to keeping schools safe. Students, parents, and school staff share the biggest responsibility in reporting anything suspicious early.
“Local law enforcement agencies take the school’s safety very seriously and will continue to do so,” explained Mayor Deanna Reed. “Anytime an incident is reported, it is thoroughly investigated.”

Together, the city of Harrisonburg and Harrisonburg Public City Schools are proud of its students, teachers, and staff. Let’s all work together to continue to thrive, grow, and learn together!