Fourth Annual Wintersongs Concert Held at Monticello High School

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Monticello High School hosted the fourth annual Wintersongs Concert was held at February 24.

The event raises money for Charlottesville’s Shelter for Help in Emergency, a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence in central Virginia.

The concert featured several female vocalists from across central Virginia. 

A spotlight on the stage shined purple, the symbolic color of domestic violence.

"It’s to show them that we're all here for them and that they always have someone to be there for them," said Kendall Powell.

The idea to host the concert came about four years ago as a response to domestic violence in the community. It continues to act as a reminder that young women have the power to stop and prevent relationship violence

"The sad truth to this whole event, it was sort of the snowball effect between violence against women in Charlottesville, Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham,” said Craig Jennings.

Since the concert's start, it's raised more than $10,000 for the Shelter for Help in Emergency. 

"The people who are attending tonight are generously donating to the shelter, which is going to help us continue to provide much needed services in our area,” said Kat Dillon. 

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