Waynesboro High School will Perform Avenue Q

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Dianne Truslow, director Dianne Truslow, director

Waynesboro High School will debut their performance of Avenue Q March 1st through March 4th. 

The tony-award winning musical has been described as ‘Sesame Street for adults.’ 

It covers tough topics like racism, homosexuality, and the misuse and overuse of the internet. 

The school's director says the students have been asking to do Avenue Q for years, but were unable due to the nature of the content. The writers, however, have now produced a PG-13 version.

"Until they did the school version I’ve said over and over again... You're right... We're not going to do it.  But when they brought out the school version we went back and looked at it and felt like the content made sense in our community right now,” said Dianne Truslow, Avenue Q director. 

Tickets are available by calling the school office, or you can also buy them at the door. 

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