Albemarle to Amp Up School Security Following Shooting in Parkland, Florida

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Albemarle County officials will take steps to make its schools safer for students and staff. 

Over the past few years, the school system has added additional security features, but after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, it wants to do more.

NBC29 spoke with chief operating officer, Dead Tistadt, who wants to install bullet resistant film in every classroom door. Implementing this security measure in classrooms began years ago, but was never completed.

The majority of classroom doors across the district received updated push locks, and with that came this bullet resistant film.

Following the Florida school shooting, Tisdat wants the rest of the classrooms to have this film installed.

The film will cost the county around $65,000.

"I think just every once in a while, we are reminded by internal or external events about what we should be paying attention to and so this is one that we have been proceeding with, doing things-- the film is being installed a little bit slowly. The events of Florida just reminded me I need to be more attentive of that,” said Tistadt.

Tisdat adds that he also wants to install blinds in all the classrooms as well, which will cost an additional $300,000.

The cash for this project will come from a rainy day fund.

The board will officially vote on this proposal at the next meeting, but Tistadt wants to get this in place before next school year.