Charlottesville Man Hopes to Help Local Contractors Get Projects

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Quinton Harrell Quinton Harrell
Quinton Harrell Quinton Harrell

A Charlottesville man is working to keep big construction projects in the hands of local contractors.

Quinton Harrell says there are disparities in Charlottesville's economic landscape everywhere, from race to income. His company, Heritage United Builders (HUB), is meant to bridge that gap.

In a research project, Harrell discovered something about the city's construction landscape: many contractors are being brought in from Northern Virginia, Richmond, or Virginia Beach to work on the bigger projects. Harrell thinks it’s because smaller companies aren't being well connected to those in charge of large projects in town.

Harrell says it's not that Charlottesville lacks the hands or skill to land these big jobs.

“Some guys are fantastic at building, but they don't want to deal with a whole bunch of paperwork,” said the founder of HUB.

That's where Heritage United Builders would come in. The company will handle administrative work that is necessary to help businesses grow while letting the contractors focus on their craft.

Right now, Harrell is in the interest-gathering stage, finding contractors to represent and projects that need hands.

He says he wants this communities money to be plugged right back into our economy.