Former NJ Governor Chris Christie Visits Charlottesville

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Christie believes that the country will stay divided as long as Trump remains president. Christie believes that the country will stay divided as long as Trump remains president.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - a once rising Republican star - made an appearance in Charlottesville on Monday, February 12 to discuss the next generation of politics.

Christie appeared for a taping of “American Forum," a weekly public affairs broadcast that airs at the Miller Center of Public Affairs.

Christie spoke with forum host Douglas Blackmon on cornerstones that the Republican Party focuses on including decreasing government spending on social issues and honing in on strong national defense. He also spoke on the current polarization between the American parties, and he believes it will not subside as long as Donald Trump remains president.

Christie believes that most of the party supports the president because Trump doesn’t fit the conventional presidential mold. In light of this, Christie says the party is inching toward views that align with Trump’s rhetoric seen on television and social media.

“I think the president is in the beginning of his second year and so he will have an opportunity, at least I think through the midterms, to be the only person who's really writing that songbook and then once the midterms flesh themselves out, we may have a change," said Christie.

He went on to discuss how major competing philosophical views within the party will remain polarized until the next presidential election. He also mentioned how his team conducted a recent poll that showcased how Christie himself was the second choice for 38% of Trump supporters during the 2016 election season.

Christie says that he respects that the two were "running in a lane together that Trump dominated in the end."