Madison County Man Starts Internet Company in Void of High Speed Access

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A man who lives in Madison County is so frustrated his area does not have high speed internet that he’s taking matters into his own hands.

When Clint Hyde moved to Madison from Fairfax County, he assumed he would be able to work remotely from home. He soon realized his best option for internet was satellite service, which costs twice as much as high speed internet and is also twice as slow.

After seeing results of a broadband survey last May, Hyde realized he wasn't the only person that wanted faster internet and couldn’t get it.

Because of Madison County's small population, big internet providers aren't interested in adding services there since the investment of creating a high-speed network in a sparsely populated area outweighs the net profits it could gain from its customer base. This lack of service spurred on Hyde to start his own company, Madison Gigabit Internet.

He plans to work with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative to string fiber from existing power lines.

"I don’t want to wait five to 10 years before somebody to start working this problem,” says Hyde. “I want it to start now, so that in five years it’s done."

The company is still in its early stages. Clyde says he hopes to charge $75 a month for one gigabit and no data limits - comparable to Fios’ prices in Richmond.

Hyde says children in the county need faster internet for completing school work, and he hopes his company can help them succeed.

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