City Council Denies Special-Use Permit to Downtown Developer

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Charlottesville City Council has denied a special-use permit to a downtown developer.

On Monday, February 5, City Council discussed whether or not to allow the developer of West2nd Condos to add a 10th floor to a building being constructed in downtown Charlottesville.

The permit would have increased the number of units to 97 in the mixed-use plaza, which will be located off Water and First streets.

Michael Allenby, who lives near where West2nd is supposed to go, spoke at the meeting to say that the permit should be denied.

“From the information I have and the perspective I have as a 17-year resident, especially over the past six months and the developments and changes that have happened in our community, I feel that this is not one of the areas where we should extend special considerations,” says Allenby.

If council had approved the permit, West2nd would have had to provide units or give money to the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund.

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