City Council to Decide on Special-Use Permit for Downtown Developer

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Whether or not a developer is allowed to construct additional floors on a new downtown building will be decided on at Charlottesville City Council’s meeting on Monday, February 5.

The developer of West2nd Condos is seeking a special-use permit to add a 10th floor to the building and increase the number of units to 97 in the mixed-use plaza, which will be located at the Water Street Parking Garage where the City Market has been held.

If council approves the permit, West2nd will have to provide affordable units or give money to the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund.

"It's going to be providing us with resources to put in our housing fund, it's actually thinking, the staff's thought was that it should actually build the units and they're going to be proposing building units on Harris Street," says Councilor Kathy Galvin.

Councilors will discuss the pros and cons of allowing the special-use permit during the meeting Monday.

"I've been rather vocal in regards to not being supportive of individuals specifically putting money into the poffer, or just into the affordable housing pot," says Councilor Wes Bellamy. "I'm a firm believer in which we need to actually put units on the site; however, I do completely understand where the developers are coming from."

Plans for West2nd also include underground parking, as well as office and retail space. Developers expect to complete the project by mid-2020.

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