Wintergreen Resort Hosts Wounded Warrior Weekend for Injured Military Vets

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Wintergreen Resort welcomed injured military veterans for its Wounded Warrior Weekend, an initiative sponsored by the resorts adaptive sports program. The weekend helps veterans and their families have fun in the snow free of charge.

The adaptive sports instructors work with injured veterans and their families to prove that physical limitations should not inhibit a successful day on the slopes.

“We want to be able to show them that there is no barrier out here on these slopes no matter what challenges they may come with,” said Mike Mather, an instructor at Wintergreen. “We will be able to get them from the top of the mountain, to the bottom of the mountain, and we promise they will have fun.”

Retired U.S. army Capt. Matthew Staton was wounded in battle, but became a program instructor after introduced to the adaptive sports program.

“You don’t have to sit at home and wither away,” said Staton.

For many of the veterans, the event renews confidence in their physique.

“I had never skied in my life prior to my injury, it was something I never thought I could do before,” said retired U.S. army Capt. John Weber. “To get out here with this crew of wonderful professionals in the adaptive sports area and they can teach you and help adapt equipment to get you back on your feet, literally, and get out here and have a good time means the world.”

Given that Staton was wounded himself, he feels that he can relate to his students better than others.

"Some of them it’s just knowing what they’ve been through and go through and being able to push them and say I understand that, but that’s a blip in your life, that’s not you,” said Staton. “Defining you is what you get out here and do and make with it.”

The event runs until Sunday, Feb. 4., but wounded warriors who missed the weekend may contact the Wintergreen adaptive sports team for a free visit to the slopes.

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