'Women United' Activist Group Protests Outside John Paul Jones Arena

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protest flier outside JPJ protest flier outside JPJ

A new group turned out at John Paul Jones arena to “hold Harvey Weinstein's billionaire friends accountable.”

The newly formed group called "Women United" was outside Wednesday night’s University of Virginia basketball game with petitions, asking for the “removal of the Jones name from all UVA buildings, including JPJ.

Members say Paul Tudor Jones, a longtime member of the Weinstein company board of directors, has shown a “pattern of belittling and disregarding women.”

"We feel that men like Paul allow predators like Harvey to exist, and we want to not just call attention to the Harvey Weinstein’s, but we want to call attention to the people and the organizations that protect him, i.e., his board," Cartena Carter of Women United said.

“Women United" identifies itself as a next phase of the "Me Too Movement,” saying now is the time for women to demand respect.

Volunteers say they'll continue gathering signatures at UVA throughout the week.