Doctors Warn of Treating the Flu Wrong

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John Davison John Davison

Trying to manage symptoms of the flu with the right medications can be tricky.

Doctors say some of the medications people take to try and combat the viral infection could actually slow down their recovery

Doctors say trying to get blanket-coverage relief by using multi-symptom over-the-counter products isn't the best way to go.

Doctors confirm: we haven't had a flu season like the one we are in right now in the past few years. They tell us for the flu - or coughs and colds - are actually viral infections.

There is no antibiotic for viruses, that means you can only treat the symptoms. And when it comes to doing that, individual medications to treat specific symptoms are the best way to avoid making things worse.

“You can overdose on certain medications, and one of the biggest ones that's in multi-symptoms and a variety of different medications is Tylenol. And it’s pretty easy to overdose on Tylenol,” said University of Virginia Primary Care Physician Dr. John Davison.

Of course, avoiding people with the flu is the best way to go, but not always possible.

Eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep are the best ways to build up your immune system and keep the flu out.

And one last tip: get the flu shot - not the nasal spray - to prevent the flu. Doctors say it's the only preventative treatments that cannot actually transmit the viral infection.