House Subcommittee Kills Bill on Animal Welfare

Posted: Updated: Jan 30, 2018 09:33 AM

On Monday, January 29, a House subcommittee killed a bill that would've made it illegal to tether dogs outside in extreme temperatures. 

House Bill 646 would have imposed a fine on owners who tie their dogs up outside when the temperature drops below 32 degrees or rises above 85 degrees.

For the last month, the Houses of Wood and Straw Project, which builds makeshift houses for dogs left outside of homes in Charlottesville and eight surrounding counties, has lobbied for the bill. Volunteers say they've rescued dozens of dogs just this winter.

A similar bill to this one died in a subcommittee in 2017. Leading up to Monday's discussion, Houses of Wood and Straw urged people to contact their delegates and ask them to vote in favor of the bill.

There is a bill in the Senate still alive that deals with the issue of animal welfare. Supporters say they're hoping to restructure the bill so if it passes in the Senate it has a better chance of passing in the House.