Downtown Business Owners Expect to See Increase in Customers

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Spring Street in Charlottesville Spring Street in Charlottesville
Barracks Road Shopping Center Barracks Road Shopping Center
Shops at Stonefield in Albemarle Co. Shops at Stonefield in Albemarle Co.

New numbers are in, and retail sales in the region continue to show net positive growth.

According to the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, Albemarle County continues to be the leader with growth over 8 percent. Charlottesville retail sales turned in a positive growth of almost 1.5 percent, reversing the negative trend that dominated much of 2017.

With this positive change, downtown Charlottesville businesses are hoping to see more shoppers in 2018. One business owner on the downtown mall says things are getting back to normal, but locals are still staying away.

“We had a lot of visitors, but we're still working on the local traffic,” says Cynthia Schroeder, owner of Spring Street. “We still wanna help the perception of the mall - that it's a safe, clean, happy place to come to."

Meanwhile, over in Albemarle County, retail sales just keep going up.