Va. House of Delegates Rejects 15 Bills Related to Firearm Safety

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David Toscano David Toscano
Steve Landes Steve Landes

People who want more gun control are receiving some bad news.

A Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee killed 15 bills meant to promote firearm safety in the commonwealth. The Republican-led Militia, Police, and Public Safety House Subcommittee rejected a number of gun safety bills on Friday, January 26.

Most notably, a bill banning bump stocks - the accessory used by the gunman who opened fire in Las Vegas back in October - was defeated.

Steve Landes, a Republican representing the 25th district, says he was surprised that bill did not at least pass initially and reach further discussion. But, in regard to the other 14 bills, he says he wasn’t surprised. He says most of those bills - including requiring universal background checks - even at a gun show - have been defeated by the subcommittee in years past.

House Minority Leader David Toscano says he is very disappointed, while Delegate Landes says not infringing on the Second Amendment is important to the Republican-led subcommittee.

“That committee is very careful not to move forward on anything that they believe would, you know, be an infringement, or that they would have any question related to whether it’s an infringement on someone's Second Amendment right,” says Landes.

Toscano, on the other hand, believes that some of these gun control issues are not partisan ones.

“The bump stock issue and the universal background check issue is clearly a bipartisan issue because most of the American public supports it, and if Republican leadership wants to get these bills to the floor so that everyone can see how everyone in the House of Delegates feels about this, they should just do it,” says Toscano.

Additionally, the subcommittee killed a bill that would hold private gun sellers civilly responsible for a death if the shooter was not background checked. The group also defeated bills that would limit the quantity and capacity of firearms someone could purchase.

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