Virginia Law Foundation Launches Online Portal for Pro-Bono Attorneys

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Image courtesy www.vacle.org Image courtesy www.vacle.org

Attorneys in Virginia now have access to hundreds of online resources to bone-up on the law to provide pro-bono representation.

The Albemarle County-based Virginia Law Foundation launched a free, online portal for attorneys. The searchable database offers training seminars, as well as downloadable documents to help clients in civil cases involving everything from landlord-tenant disputes to domestic relations issues and employment law.

“You may be terrific at what your specialty is as an attorney, but if you're stepping into the world of people who may fall below the poverty level the needs won't be anti-trust, securities, things like that. So, we need to help get our dedicated lawyers up to speed in the areas where the real need is,” said Virginia Law Foundation Executive Director Ray White.

A study by the Virginia Access to Justice Commission finds legal needs go unmet for more than 80-percent of people living in poverty.

The foundation hopes this portal will help re-train attorneys to offer free services that can fill that justice gap.