Dale Jr. pulls stranded driver out of ditch following crash

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(WCNC) For driver Jeremy Labretone to be involved in an auto accident Wednesday wasn't uncommon, considering the fact that winter weather battered the Carolinas all day.

Thousands of accidents were reported in North Carolina, mostly due to the ice and snow. The difference between Jeremy and everyone else, however, was the person who stopped to help him.

Labretone was driving his Cadillac CTS home from work when he lost control of his car, skidded into a ditch and hit a tree. His airbags didn't deploy and he was just fine but his car was not so fortunate.

"When you hit a pine tree, it's pretty solid. It ain't moving!"

Labretone called his buddy, who arrived in a truck and they waited for a tow truck until a Good Samaritan stopped.

"I see this silver Jeep pull up," Labretone recalled. "He rolled his window down and it was Dale Jr."

Labretone was shocked but it wasn't the first time he's met the man affectionately known as "Junior."

"I was like 'Hey what's up, Junior?'" Labretone said. "And I was like 'Hey, can you help me?'"

"He said, 'Well, I can try,'" Labretone recalled.

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