Albemarle County Public Schools to Present Expected Budget to School Board

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Albemarle county schools aren't as financially bad off as first thought. Thursday, the public school division's Superintendent Pam Moran gave the school board and the community full budget details.

This comes as the school division is already facing a multimillion-dollar funding gap. However, school leaders reported Thursday that the projected deficit has shrunk in half due to an increase in local revenues.

A week prior, ACPS said the schools would be facing a $2 to $3 million shortfall.

Despite this good news, Albemarle public schools will still have to figure out how to deal with a budget shortfall.

This funding gap is due to a recalculation of the state's composite index, which dictates how much funding schools receive from the state. Using the formula, each school system can calculate how much it’s able to pay on its own.

While a high composite score generally means that an area is doing well financially, it also means that the school system can expect to receive less funding from the state.

Plus, many protest that the composite index doesn’t take enough factors into account. Currently, the calculation only includes property value, adjusted gross income, and taxable retail sales.

Albemarle County Public Schools’ current budget stands at about $180 million, and Moran says the proposed budget is meant to remove opportunity barriers.

"What are the actions that we can take as educators to remove barriers to the opportunities that we offer in our school system? And so when we think about barriers, it's everything from barriers that keep children from being able to participate in courses or particularly opportunities we have such as our academies," says Moran.

On January 30, the school board will host a public hearing on the school budget, and the board will ultimately vote on the budget in April.

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