Woman Turns Life Around with Help of Goodwill Job Training Program

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Christy Morris Christy Morris

A central Virginia woman who fell victim to drug abuse and crime has turned her life around with the help of Goodwill's job training program.

Christy Morris was an addict for more than 11 years. She went from a life of getting high and partying to a life filled with meaningful work and family.

Morris is a recovering drug addict whose lifestyle landed her in prison. “There were nights when I didn't really want to live, because I didn't wanna be a drug addict anymore and it wasn't fun,” she said. 

For over 11 years, Morris lived a life of getting high, selling drugs, and even trafficking. She has the pictures to prove the hard-partying life - all with three kids and no steady work.

"I wouldn't come home for weeks and weeks,” says Morris. “My kids seen me maybe once or twice a month. I know it sounds bad, but it's the truth. I wasn't there for them at all."

Morris decided to get her life together, but struggled when she got out of prison. “No one would hire me, they just couldn't see past my background."

That's when she found the Goodwill GoodSTART program. It helps people with barriers in life get the training they need to get back into the workforce.

“A lot of these clients just deserve another chance, that they really have done their time,” says Melanie Blosser, director of workforce training services with the program. “They've worked hard to change their lives and they just need a chance."

Morris was promoted three different times, and is now assistant manager at the Mill Creek location. She now sees her kids on a regular basis and just got married. But, most importantly, Morris is six-and-a-half years clean.

“Every day is a struggle, but I'm not gonna let anything bring me back to where I've been,” says Morris. “Always remember where I've been, so I know where I'm going."

Morris is coming up on her two-year anniversary with Goodwill. She says the program is the reason she has the life she does now.

For more info on the Goodwill GoodSTART program, visit its website.