Repeated Plumbing Issues Leave Apartment Complex Residents Frustrated

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Crescent Halls Apartments Crescent Halls Apartments
A team of plumbers is working on the problem A team of plumbers is working on the problem

A team of plumbers and maintenance staff is working out of Crescent Halls Apartments after a pipe burst Thursday, January 11, leaving the first floor flooded with sewage water.

Although this flood erupted Thursday night, residents say plumbing issues have been going on for months.

People say the downstairs men’s bathroom has been out of order for quite some time now, and on Thursday it flooded into the media room and sewage water covered the lobby floors.

One resident who didn't want to speak on camera says he could smell the odor from his bedroom upstairs. He explains that the bathroom has leaked before, but Thursday night’s leak was the worst he’s ever seen it.

Prior to this incident, the men's common area bathroom had an out-of-order sign and men were forced to use the women's restroom.

On Friday, crews mopped up the water and snaked the clogged drain.

Charlottesville's housing authority says workers are using a camera to lower down into the drain to find the root of the problem.

“I'm not aware of it having been a repeated situation,” says Grant Duffield, the executive director of the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority. “I know that occasionally that bathroom does get a fair amount of use, particularly on the weekends, and it's not uncommon to have a back-up. I don't know that this is a result of any systemic failure."

Duffield says he found out about the situation after a resident called him on Thursday evening to complain about the odor.

Duffield says at this point the pipes are clear, and he doesn't anticipate any additional problems