Albemarle County School Board Addresses Budget Shortfall

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ACPS board ACPS board

Albemarle's School Board is already facing a $2.5 million to $3.5 million deficit for the upcoming budget.

The board says the shortfall is because the state recalculated the composite index every two years. The composite index formula determines a school division's ability to pay education costs.

Losing up to $3 million in the coming budget puts the board in a bad position.

“We are in very good shape before this but the concern of course is that our funding request won't match the revenue and so that will be a discussion with the county on how we make that's up,” Kate Acuff of the school board said.

In April, Albemarle supervisors ultimately decide how much money to give the school board. The school superintendent will present a funding request on Jan. 18.

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