Albemarle County School Board Votes to Move Forward with Redistricting Plans

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Albemarle County's School Board will move forward with redistricting plans for three elementary schools. The vote was four to three.

"I understand that parents are concerned about disrupting their relationships with their teachers, their principals, their librarian, and their school nurse. What can we as a school division do to make that transition better, because we really don't have good choices. We are over capacity at the schools," said school board member Kate Acuff.

The county’s superintendent has endorsed the Redistricting Advisory Committee's recommendation [PDF] - more info [PDF] - to move 144 students from Greer Elementary School to either Woodbrook or Agnor-Hurt. The other 72 students would go from Agnor-Hurt to Woodbrook. Most were not in favor of the plan.

"Please consider the value of those friendships and the parental involvement in creating a school community and offering a grandfathering option," Kimberly Swanson, an Agnor-Hurt parent, said.

"It's been a tough process on the Greer community.  We have a very strong school community.  I think it's going to be very tough for all of us to see these kids move at the end of the school year," Eric Swensen, Greer parent, said.

The Board also unanimously approved offering some students the ability to stay in their current school.

The approved plan will in August, as a new school year gets underway.

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