Staunton Parking Garage to Undergo Major Renovation Repairs

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The Johnson Street parking garage near the Staunton Police Department is about to undergo a major renovation.

$2.5 million  worth of repairs according to the city's public works director. Tom Sliwoski says there's spalling throughout the garage and without the much needed repairs the garage wouldn't last more than two to five years.

"A garage is like a house.  You have to fix the roof. You have to occasionally repair the plumbing system, the heating system. That's exactly what we have here. The garage is 40 plus years old. First repairs were not made until 1995, then in the early 2000s we started making a series of repairs, but we're at the point now we have to make major repairs,” Tom Sliwoski, Staunton Public Works director, said.

The work is expected to take about six months and should be underway in the spring.

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