Charlottesville Businesses Toss Romaine Lettuce Following E. Coli Outbreak

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Lettuce containers at the Blue Ridge Country Store Lettuce containers at the Blue Ridge Country Store

The Centers for Disease Control says it's too soon to blame romaine lettuce for a recent E. coli outbreak.

However, some Charlottesville businesses are not taking any chances.

Both Bodos Bagels and the Blue Ridge Country Store took the lettuce off the menu to safeguard their customers’ safety.

“I'm just not going to take a chance, we tossed our romaine out the back door, and bought some iceberg lettuce until we get the all-clear and we're safe,” says Dan Pribus, the owner of the Blue Ridge Country Store. “Pretty much every restaurant I know is doing that right now.”

The Blue Ridge Country Store says some places are using kale and other leafy greens to replace romaine until the source of the outbreak is found.

The CDC says doctors have not diagnosed new cases since early November.