Icy Roads Lead to Busy Hours for Car Shops

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car in Albemarle County damaged after driving on icy roads car in Albemarle County damaged after driving on icy roads

The Tuesday morning commute left some cars banged up, after icy patches caused lots of slipping and sliding. Body shops are busy banging out dents.

Small accidents are common, especially this time of year, and it's important to know what to do if one happens.

When cars collide, Albemarle County police say calling 911 should always come first.

"Officers are very appreciative if there are no injuries if you can get those cars out of the way so that there are no other crashes," Madeline Curott, of ACPD said.

Officers act as a neutral third party between you and the other driver, and a police report makes things easier for insurance companies.

"The more information you have if it has to go to a court situation, the more information and witnesses you have the better you are at making your case," Hunter Wyant of State Farm said.

Agent Wyant, says to take pictures of the vehicles involved, talk with the other driver or witnesses and call your insurance agent.  

"You need to get complete information from all drivers and all passengers. I would note any injuries that you noticed that have happened. Any witnesses that are available, get their contact information and get a statement from them,” Wyant said.

Your insurance company will get in touch with the other driver's insurance company to handle the cost of repairs and rental cars.

“We try to be the liaison for our clients and walk them through that process and make it as simple and painless as possible,” Wyant said.

Before you drive off, make sure your car is safe for the road.

"If lights are working if doors are opening and closing properly, make sure there are no fluids leaking from your vehicle, if the hood looks like it’s had any impact to it, I would suggest that you have that checked because if the latch is not latching properly that could cause the hood to fly up," Marcie Llera at Taylor’s Auto Body said.

Taylor's Auto Body Shop says if you're unsure if your car is safe to drive, stop by and someone will check it out for you. 

You can expect longer wait times for repairs this time of year.