Broken Pipe Creates Slippery Conditions at Northside Library

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Northside Library Northside Library

Cold conditions overnight led to a slippery mess in the parking lot of the Northside Library on Monday morning.

Officials say a pipe supplying water to an outside hose broke, creating a layer of ice in the rear parking lot.

Thankfully, the water leak was noticed by a police officer in the area early on Monday, January 8.

A plumber was sent to fix the issue, and the county has crews spreading ice-melt and scraping away remaining ice.

“I hope it doesn't cause any issues," says Lindsay Ideson, the manager of the library."The county put up cones and yellow tape to indicate to people which are the slippery parts, so hopefully people will pay attention to that and not park or walk there. And hopefully warming weather will make it less of a problem."

Library officials are operating on normal hours Monday. They're just asking people to use caution in the rear parking lot.