City Crews to Begin Collecting Christmas Trees

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Christmas trees to be mulched (file photo) Christmas trees to be mulched (file photo)

Charlottesville city crews will begin picking up your leftover Christmas trees on Monday, January 8.

The city asks people to put their trees out on the curb by 7 a.m. Monday.

Crews will be making their way around to all the neighborhoods throughout the week to help clean up from the holidays.

The city will only collect real Christmas trees, not fake ones.

“This is only for trees, so no yard waste, no other organic material - just trees,” says Miriam Dickler, Charlottesville’s director of communications. “They should be clear of ornaments, obviously, but also tinsel or nails or any other hardwood. They should just be the tree itself."

The trees will be taken to Darden Towe Park to be turned into mulch.

That mulch is available for free to the public starting February 1.