Senator Kaine Kicks Off Bid for Re-election with Valley Meet-and-Greet

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Democratic Senator Tim Kaine is back on the campaign trail for 2018.

He kicked off his re-election bid by making visits to rural communities in Virginia - including a meet-and-greet in the valley on Sunday, January 7.

Senator Kaine is looking to hold on to his seat in the November mid-term election.

On Sunday, he spoke at Staunton's public library about his strategy to win a second term in Washington.

The room was packed, with the crowd overflowing into the hallways, as the democratic senator spoke about a wide range of issues that he'll be tackling on the campaign trail, including concerns over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, health care, and President Trump.

Kaine says something different about his work in the Senate right now is that he's been added to the Health and Education Committee.

“My focus this year is gonna be heavily on healthcare solutions for all, and educational opportunities for all, because of the good fortune of being on this committee and that will also be my work if I'm lucky enough to be re-elected,” says Senator Kaine.

Kaine adds that the committee plans to re-write the Higher Education Act and take a closer look at the issues that have caused a dispute between Augusta Health and Anthem Insurance.

In November, Kaine will face off against the winner of the Republican primary on June 12.

Right now, four candidates are in the race - including Corey Stewart, who recently ran for governor.