Albemarle County Parks & Rec. Taking A Fresh Look at Biscuit Run

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Draft concept plan for Biscuit Run State Park Draft concept plan for Biscuit Run State Park
Bob Crickenberger Bob Crickenberger

Now that the commonwealth has signed an agreement with Albemarle County for a Biscuit Run Park project , there are new questions about what should go there.

The last time planning happened for the park was when the state created a master plan for it in 2013. State funding was unable to pay for the additions to the property, and so it has been sitting idle for the last few years.

Albemarle County Department of Parks and Recreation is now completing its Community Needs Assessment for 2018. The study will determine what amenities could be worth adding to county parks, like new biking trails or camping grounds.

Once the assessment is complete, Parks and Rec will create a new master plan for the 1200 acres of Biscuit Run.

"Given its location, very close to Charlottesville, this will serve Charlottesville and Albemarle on a regional basis, and possibly beyond that. The lay of the land is perfect for hiking and mountain biking and a lot of other amenities once the master plan process begins," said Bob Crickenberger, director of Parks and Rec.

What makes this time different from 2013 is the collaboration between the state and county: Both will do individual fundraising to afford the project.

The Community Recreation Assessment is expected to wrap up in mid to late spring.

Albemarle County Department of Parks and Recreation said it will build Biscuit Run Park in different phases.