Augusta County BOS Selects new Chairman

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Gerald Garber Gerald Garber

Augusta County's Board of Supervisors has a new chairman.

Wednesday, supervisors chose Gerald Garber to fill the role, and Carolyn Bragg was voted in as vice-chair.

Garber has 10 years experience on the Board and is starting his fourth term. He says he's ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work and expects collaboration with Staunton in the coming year.

"We'll have to tackle the courthouse, get a plan to go forward.  I think Fire and Rescue of course is an issue that's sort of been laying out there we need to address, a very important issue.  Then there's always something lurking, I don't know what the lurking is, but the two obvious things I think is Fire and Rescue and the courthouse," Garber said.

It was also the first meeting for newly elected Pam Carter.

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