Loved Ones Honor Molly Miller with Ribbon Display

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on King Street memorial for Molly Miller on King Street memorial for Molly Miller
Ashley Sellman Ashley Sellman

The Charlottesville community is coming together to remember the life of Molly Miller.

The 31-year-old was found dead on Monday after going missing over the weekend

Now, Millers’ friends are honoring her memory.

King Street in Charlottesville looks a little different as of Wednesday night. That's where friends and family got together to hang ribbons for Miller.

Friends of Miller are having a hard time realizing she’s gone.

"She’s a really special girl and she'll definitely be missed," Kristi Floyd, Miller’s friend, said.

Wednesday night, Floyd and others got together on King Street, where Miller and her fiancé, Anson Parker, lived, to hang green ribbons outside their home.

"Molly's mom said that green was her favorite color," organizer Jojo Robertson said.

Dozens of ribbons are tied to branches and telephone poles; others spell out “Molly” on the fence across the street.

“I wanted to do this for Molly and Anson because they're hurting right now, their family is hurting, and when one of us in Charlottesville hurts we all should rise up and help,” Robertson said.

The 31-year-old was found dead Monday after going missing on Dec. 29. Friends describe her as a free spirit.

 “I'm going to miss that you just never knew what was going to be next,” Ashley Sellman, Miller’s friend, said.

"She was just like a bottomless pit of sweetness and energy and love and you know if you even got to meet her for a second you would know that,” Floyd said.

The group says it wanted to add a little color to a bleak winter day.

“When you think of winter, all the leaves are kind of gone so we painting her road green in remembering how awesome and amazing she is,” Robertson said.

NBC29 was told people out there also put up Miller's fiance name “Anson” on the fence across from their home.

If you want to see the ribbons, they are in the 900 block of King Street.

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