Augusta County Reviews Proposal for Dominion Energy Construction Yard

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Proposed area for the construction yard Proposed area for the construction yard
Proposed area for the construction yard Proposed area for the construction yard

An Augusta County board is reviewing a proposal by Dominion Energy to build a construction yard for its Atlantic Coast Pipeline on 34 acres of farmland near Churchville.

Pipeline opponents are rallying against the proposed site.

The energy company needs to get a special use permit from the Augusta County Board of Zoning Appeals to allow a construction yard on agricultural land.

Dominion is leasing 34 acres of this farm along the scenic highway across from Union Church Road.

It would serve as a home base for crews for over two years as they build a 29-mile section of the pipeline.

The yard would house vehicles, equipment, construction materials, and office trailers.

Dominion says crews would meet there in the morning and then head out to the pipeline route.

Opponents worry it will add too much truck traffic on winding, country roads and damage the farmland.

“This is an inappropriate place in the middle of an agricultural area to put a construction - an industrial complex is what it's going to be,” says Nancy Sorrells, co-chair of the Augusta County Alliance. “To put this here, it'll be an eyesore. It'll be a danger.”

Others agree that this proposed land is not an ideal area.

“They are going to be in agricultural areas as the pipeline comes through, and as part of that, then they'll have to return the properties to agricultural state once the section of pipeline is completed and they move on to the next area,” says John Wilkinson, Augusta County director of community development.

The Virginia Department of Transportation recommends the board deny the permit if Dominion can't find a safe entrance for traffic to the site.

The board will hold a public hearing on the special use permit at its meeting on Thursday, January 4, at 1:30 p.m. at the Government Center in Verona.

The county is expecting a large crowd.

Dominion expects to start construction on the pipeline in Augusta County in the spring.