Let It Go: Family wakes up to frozen yard

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Credit: KSDK Credit: KSDK

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) -- A water main broke right in front of a family's home in Fenton County, Missouri and froze their entire yard.

Evan Hrevus opened his front door this morning and discovered his front yard was literally frozen from the bushes, to the Christmas decorations, to his cars.

"Pretty bummed, it's under a bunch of snow and ice, not sure when we're going to get it out," said Hrevus.

Their basement is flooded and restoration crews were at the home this morning cleaning up.

The water main broke right in front of their home, Hrevus says he never would have guessed at 11 last night, he would wake up to this.

"It was just bubbling up at first, and then about a half an hour in it just broke and was spraying a geyser up higher than our house," said Hrevus.

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