Dupuis Begins Job as Charlottesville's Interim Police Chief

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Theirry Dupuis Theirry Dupuis

Charlottesville's new interim police chief is ready to get to work and build a better relationship between the police department and people living in the city.

Theirry Dupuis (pronounced “Terry Do-Pwee”) had his first day of work at the department Tuesday, January 2.

Dupuis has served in law enforcement for 40 years, and spent the last 10 as police chief of Chesterfield County.

The interim chief told NBC29 that he came into the new position aware of tension after this past summer's events, but said he believes the Charlottesville Police Department can move forward for the better.

"I know that there have been quite a few negative things that have gone on, and I know that's not what this department is or what this city is. I think it's important for me, someone in the outside coming in, with a different set of eyes and really help people judge us all not by our past but what's going to happen in our future," he said.

Dupuis will serve as interim chief as the Charlottesville Police Department searches for someone to fulfill the full-time role.