4th Person Dies in Connection to Matthew Mill Rd. House Fire

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A deadly Greene County house fire has claimed another life.

Family members confirm 70-year-old Jackie Morris passed away Saturday, December 30. She was one of 5 people inside a home on Matthew Mill Road when it caught fire early December 18, 2017.

Multiple firefighters had to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation as they tried to rescue those trapped inside the burning house.

According to authorities, three people died at the scene. The home owner, Eddie Morris, said they were his grandchildren.

The grandchildren - 6-year-old Camden, 21-year-old Jeremy, and 26-year-old Cynthia - had been living with Eddie and Jackie because their father, Morris' son, passed away from cancer in March.

Eddie was treated for smoke inhalation at the University of Virginia Medical Center, while wife Jackie was transported in critical condition to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond.

The family said Jackie’s condition had improved in the following days, and that she was awake and responsive.

Virginia State Police and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the cause of the fire.

A friend of the family has put up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the medical and funeral costs.