Cape Coral man tracks down owner of misdelivered Christmas card


A stranger's kindness shows that the season of giving isn't over.

After receiving a Christmas card in the mail with a $200 check inside, the man turned to Facebook to find the rightful owner.

Alexandra Konikow, the intended card recipient, said her grandfather likely mailed her annual card to a former address. She said she can't remember as she's still dealing with the effects of a traumatic event.

"I have a traumatic brain injury," said Konikow. "One of the problems is memory loss."

Just over two years ago, Konikow was in a car crash that nearly killed her.

"I was in a coma for three and a half weeks," she said.

After a lot of physical therapy, she has her life back. One thing she looks forward to every year is a Christmas card from her grandfather.

"I don't think much of the gift, I just love my — I call him Grampy," said Konikow.

But this year, a card never came.

That's because Vincent DeGooijer received it at his address, who said the envelope had already been opened.

"The mail lady was here," said DeGooijer. "She actually handed me the mail."

When DeGooijer saw the card, he immediately tried to hand it back to the mail carrier, who denied his request.

"I can't take this, I can't accept this," said DeGooijer. "She looked at me and said the exact same thing."

The United States Postal Service said in a statement:

The Postal Service is committed to providing outstanding service to its customers. Mail is delivered as addressed. In this instance the mail was delivered to the address on the mail piece. Federal guidelines require that customers who receive mail addressed to another individual return the mail to the Postal Service. Customers may return the mail to their letter carrier, notify their postmaster or local manager, or return it to their local Post Office for postal delivery to the correct individual. We apologize for any inconvenience the customer may have experienced in this specific instance.

But the inconvenience didn't stop DeGooijer from wanting to find the rightful owner, so he took to social media.

"I kind of felt like it was my due diligence to try not to just throw it away," said DeGooijer.

Someone saw the post and tagged Konikow's family. Konikow is grateful for DeGoojier's persistence.

Konikow read her grandfather's card aloud: "To my wonder woman - love you honey - love, Grandpa."

DeGooijer said he checked Konikow's license to make sure the information matched before handing over the card.

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