2 New City Councilors Sworn in to Office

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Two new Charlottesville City Councilors are ready to tackle the city's challenges of 2018 and beyond.

On Friday, December 29, Nikuyah Walker and Heather Hill were sworn in at the Charlottesville Circuit Courthouse.

Walker ran as an Independent, and Hill ran as a Democrat.

They received plenty of applause as they finished up the paperwork to make their new positions official.

The new Councilors say they are ready to advocate for the community they now serve.

"Affordable housing and making sure that everyone who lives in Charlottesville has a place to live that's safe and healthy - and a community that's vibrant and where people can thrive - and so that's my goal,” says Walker.

“I'm excited about the juncture we're at in this community,” says Hill. “I'm very optimistic about where we are going to go in the next year and I'm just excited to be able to be a part of it this way."

Walker and Hill will each serve a four-year term.

The new City Council's first meeting is on Tuesday, January 2.

Councilors will take up the permit process for special events and demonstrations at that meeting.