Fenwick, Szakos Look Back on City Council Terms

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Former Councilor Bob Fenwick Former Councilor Bob Fenwick
Former Councilor Kristin Szakos Former Councilor Kristin Szakos

Bob Fenwick and Kristin Szakos are now stepping away from their roles on Charlottesville City Council, but not without some thoughts following a difficult year for the city.

While the two say their time on council has been a roller coaster, they believe their successors will do a great job.

"I've been on city council for eight years,” says Szakos. “This is technically my last day."

Fenwick served as councilor for one term.

“It's been an honor to serve my community for four years,” says Fenwick.

Fenwick says he stands by every decision, every vote he has ever made - even if people did not always agree with his choices.

"I have no regrets,” says Fenwick. “When you do something like this, or even any other opportunity that you take, you do the best you can."

He thinks incoming councilors Heather Hill and Nikuyah Walker will bring new, essential voices to the dais.

"I think there is a value to having a different viewpoint; not everybody thinking the same, not everybody voting the same, but to bring the issues forward that people are concerned about,” says Fenwick.

After serving two terms on council, Szakos can offer a bit of advice to the new Councilors who will be taking her place.

"Save every email,” says Szakos.

After a difficult summer for Charlottesville, Szakos says the unexpected is not much of a surprise anymore.

"One of the things about being in city government is every day is completely different from the day before,” says Szakos. “One day you're focused on storm water drainage, and the next day you're talking about social justice."

Many aspects of Charlottesville have changed since the two were elected, but Fenwick and Szakos are both grateful for their time on council.

"I think it's a wonderful place to be part of government,” says Szakos.

The two have learned over the last few years the value of being a city councilor.

"It's more than just listening - it's actually doing what the people want,” says Fenwick.

Szakos will be going on a sabbatical with her husband early next year, and Fenwick says he looks forward to spending more time with his family.