Republican in Tied Virginia Race Says Time to Pick Winner

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David Yancey (Photo courtesy davidyanceyfordelegate.com) David Yancey (Photo courtesy davidyanceyfordelegate.com)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A Republican lawmaker says it's time to pick the winner in a bitterly contested race that could decide the balance of power in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Lawyers for Delegate David Yancey on Friday urged elections officials to schedule a random drawing of the winner's name no later than January 9, the day before the legislature reconvenes.

Yancey's lawyers argued that a recount court has already reviewed a single disputed ballot and found it was cast for Yancey. They urged state election officials to deny Democrat Shelly Simonds' motion for reconsideration.

Simonds won a recount by a single vote. The next day, a recount court declared a tie based on the disputed ballot.

If Simonds wins, the partisan split will be 50-50. If Yancey wins, Republicans will have a 51-49 majority.

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