Greene County Considering New Affordable Housing Project

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Site of a proposed affordable housing apartment project in Greene County Site of a proposed affordable housing apartment project in Greene County

Greene County is considering a large-scale project that could help out low-income families across central Virginia.

A proposed affordable-housing apartment project along Route 29 South in Ruckersville is slowly starting to take shape. The Mark-Dana Corporation, which is in Rockingham County, is taking charge of the project.

The project would use a federal program to create 105 new residential units within 8 acres of land in the county.

The Greene County Planning Commission recommended to the Board of Supervisors that the proposed site for the project be turned into an R-2 Residential Zone. The rezoning would allow for more units to be built, since only 48 units are legally allowed under its current zoning designation.

Commissioners also recommended the Board of Supervisors approve a special-use permit for the project.

"The pros are that it will provide 105 units of housing, brand-new construction, good quality, at a price below what market would otherwise charge. It's a federal program that allows the builder some incentives to build that and the put it on the market without cost liability," said Greene County Planning Commissioner Jay Willer.

The monthly rent would be based off a calculation that is 30-percent of the renter’s income. Because it is a federal project, there can be no preferences on who would be allowed to live at the apartment complex. As a result, people who do not currently live in Greene County could apply for the housing.

The project is set to go before the Greene County Board of Supervisors in January.