No-Kill Shelter Looking for Donations During Holiday Season

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The shelter currently has 179 cats The shelter currently has 179 cats
Caring for Creatures is home to 42 dogs Caring for Creatures is home to 42 dogs
Max and Heather Wolfe Max and Heather Wolfe

A no-kill animal shelter needs your help to keep its cats and dogs fed during the winter months.

Caring for Creatures in Palmyra has plenty of mouths to feed. It goes through, on average, 60 pounds of food each day.

One dog, Max, doesn't have simple commands down just yet. He comes all the way from South Carolina, where he was recently rescued.

“There is a very high kill shelter down there that they're very jam packed,” says Heather Wolfe, a vet tech at Caring for Creatures.

A majority of the animals living at Caring for Creatures are saved from euthanization.

The shelter takes in animals that nobody wants and try to give them a forever home.

“Just thinking about the amount of animals that we have brought in here - they were technically supposed to be euthanized, and it makes me basically feel like a lifesaver,” says Wolfe.

This nonprofit is funded solely on donations from people, and during the winter months it tends to need extra help.

“In the winter, the animals actually need more food,” says Lisa Reardon, the office manager. “They need more calories. The animals literally burn up calories staying warm."

To accommodate for the busy holiday season, the shelter is asking for people to donate dog and cat food for their 42 dogs and 179 cats.

This fourth-annual food drive is the reason they can get through the cold winter months.

“It gives us a big head start as far as the upcoming year goes, making sure that we have enough food to feed everybody,” says Wolfe.

Max, who Wolfe says is very polite, is looking for a warm place to call home for the holidays.

If you want to donate to the shelter, see a list of drop-off locations here. Donations will be accepted until January 1.