Albemarle County Police Looking into Funding to Counteract Opioid Misuse

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Law enforcement groups across central Virginia are prepared to handle opioid overdoses, but not Albemarle County police.

The department is now looking into equipping officers with naloxone.

This medication can be administered through an injection or nasal spray, and can stop a victim from overdosing for a short time until the person can receive medical attention.

The Albemarle County Police Department is looking into funding options to equip officers with naloxone.

Right now, many fire and rescue agencies - as well as Greene and Orange counties’ sheriff's deputies - already carry drugs like naloxone.

Greene County says it took advantage of a $2,000 grant and other sources of funding from the county in order to make its naloxone program affordable.

"Our officers a lot of the times are the first on the scene and so when they get there they are doing everything they can to save a life until fire and rescue arrives,” says Madeline Curott, the public information officer. “This will absolutely be another tool for our officers to use.”

Other law enforcement agencies went through a similar several-month review process before equipping their officers with the potentially life-saving drug.

At this point, Albemarle County police do not have a specific time frame for developing a naloxone program.

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