Family Member Thanking Community in Wake of Fatal Fire

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Eddie Morris, the owner of the home Eddie Morris, the owner of the home
Scene of a fatal house fire along Matthew Mill Road Scene of a fatal house fire along Matthew Mill Road

The family of the victims from the fatal house fire that occurred in Greene County early morning on Monday, December 18, is coming forward to thank the community for its support over the past 24 hours.

Eddie Morris, who owns the home in Ruckersville that has been rendered a total loss, says the worst part is that the fire killed his three grandchildren and put his wife in emergency care at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond.

Fire crews responded to the call for a fire on Matthew Mill Road shortly before 5 a.m. Monday.

The Ruckersville fire chief says when crews arrived, the roof and back of the house were covered in flames with victims trapped inside.

Five people were inside the home. Morris was able to escape the house, and his neighbor tried to help him find his wife through the thick smoke.

"She had drug herself to the top of the steps," says Morris. "I couldn't find her in the dark. Timmy came in and me and him drug her out to the yard."

Morris says he is haunted by the fact he could not save his three grandchildren, who ranged from 6 to 26 years old.

"I tried to get down to the basement to get to the children and the heat was so intense," says Morris. "I couldn't make it."

The grandchildren had been living with Morris and his wife because their father, Morris' son, passed away from cancer in March.

Despite the hardships Morris has gone through, he says he is incredibly grateful to all the people that have come forward to support the family.

"All the neighbors, all the people in Greene County, UVA, I can't,” says Morris. “There's not enough words to say how I feel about what they've done. They're good people. I want to thank them all."

A friend of the family, Victoria Proffitt, has put up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the medical and funeral costs that continue to grow.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.