Charlottesville Looking to Improve Availability of Affordable Housing

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Charlottesville is tossing around ideas to help deal with the affordable housing crisis.

The Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority discussed the possibility of a land bank corporation during its meeting Wednesday, December 13.

The corporation would look into blighted and tax delinquent properties in the city to see if they could be turned into affordable housing units.

Members say the initial cost of the corporation would be$120,000, but it would be self-sufficient in time.

"The city's goal at this point is to prioritize the development of affordable housing. So the land bank entity may be able to construct its own housing or work very closely with public or private entities to enter into affordable housing projects," said Brenda Kelley, redevelopment manager.

The authority voted to pass all further discussion of the land bank corporation to a subcommittee.

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