First Lady can't pass up visit to Whataburger

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(KRIS) First Lady Melania Trump and Second Lady Karen Pence visited Texas earlier this week to meet with storm victims and get an update on Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. Despite a tight schedule, the ladies made time for an unexpected stop at Whataburger.

"We had no idea! It was a big surprise," manager Melissa Montoya said. "I was so excited! First Lady's here! First Lady's here! She walks in...I was just so happy to serve her you know. Everybody came in, everybody was so nice."

Practicing her best drive thru diplomacy, Montoya served the First Lady her first Whataburger meal ever.

"She ended up ordering a sausage egg and cheese taquito, which is fine. You know, she can have whatever she wants. She also had a shake and fries," Montoya said.

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